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Reg­is­tration and Gen­eral rules

  • The WBHC 2015 is open to every archer who is registered with an IFAA mem­ber association in good stand­ing.

  • Shooting styles shall be in accordance with the IFAA By-Laws.

  • The archer must be in the possession of a score record card which must be presented at reg­is­tra­tion at the event. Such card can be obtained from the IFAA member association.

  • Pre-­reg­is­tra­tion is only possible elec­tron­i­cally on the WBHC 2015 website.

Reg­is­tra­tion is accepted once pay­ment is received. Before pay­ing the com­peti­tor is only pre-​registered.

Payment must be received within 30 days of pre-registration. If no payment is received by that date, the pre-reg­is­tra­tion will be deleted from the registration list and pre-registration must be repeated.

  • Important Dates:

Discounted Registration Fee: Before 1st day of April 2015

End of Pre-registration: 22nd of June 2015

Last pay­ment date: The last day of June 2015

  • Lim­its to registration for par­tic­i­pa­tion by style and divi­sion:

We would like to give every IFAA archer the opportunity to participate and therefore accommodate the largest styles. We therefore decided not to limit registration.

Six archers per target will be allowed, thus allowing 168 archers on each range. In the event that registration in a style exceeds 168 archers the style will be divided in half over two ranges with identical Rounds (Unmarked Animal Round) over the first two days; one group shooting the first range and the other group the second range on the first day and rotated on the second day.

Thereafter the archers in these styles will be graded for the next two days: the top 50% shooting together and the bottom 50% shooting together.

Reservation of places is not required.

  • All dis­tances are unmarked.

  • The com­peti­tors are not allowed to enter the ranges prior to the day of shooting that range.
    Only com­peti­tors and accred­ited per­sons allowed on ranges.

  • Equip­ment rules:

    • Before the start of com­pe­ti­tion the bow and other archery equipment that will be used needs to be checked. The orga­nizer has also the right to check shooters’ equip­ment at any time dur­ing the competition.

    • The shoot­ers will have to use the same equip­ment through­out the tournament, unless the ini­tial equip­ment is defective, in which case the approved stand-by equipment may be used

  • Protest procedure:

    • All protest must be writ­ten on offi­cial protest form.

    • Protest fees will be €50


Protest committee

Before the beginning of the competition a Protest Committee will be appointed and will consist of:

  • IFAA Vice President

  • A representative of HAA

  • Three representatives of each present nation

A 50 € fee will accompany any protest at the time of filing.

All protest must be written on official protest form



Mis­cel­la­neous, but impor­tant information:

  • Daily brief­ing will be held at the prac­tice field every morn­ing 8:00 o’clock.

  • All archers must go to their assigned ranges by bus – no cars allowed. All cars must park at competition centre (SZIE college)

  • Transport to the courses is free. The buses start from main street of competition centre, as indi­cated on the signs (course name and tar­get number)

  • The archers must go to assigned tar­get and bring­ing their own score cards. (two per round). All required score cards are issued at registration!

  • The shooting groups will be shown daily on various Info points: at Competition Centre, in the com­pe­ti­tion office and the prac­tice range.

  • An equip­ment room will be available for the spare bows. A reg­is­tra­tion num­ber will be assigned to each bow. If nec­es­sary, your bow will be brought to you.

  • All archers must visibly wear their reg­is­tra­tion num­ber dur­ing the competition

  • In case of dan­ger or other seri­ous rea­son, three sound blasts will be used to indi­cate the sus­pen­sion of the shoot­ing; one long sound indi­cates the begin­ning or resump­tion of the shoot; more than three, rapid repeat­ing sound blasts will announce the in definitive sus­pen­sion of the day’s shoot.

  • The archers may use an opti­cal device as long as it can­not be used to mea­sure or indicate shoot­ing dis­tance or angles. Opti­cal devices shall not cre­ate any obsta­cle to other archers dur­ing com­pe­ti­tion. Opti­cal devices intended to be used shall be pre­sented at the equip­ment inspec­tion and get a sticker, which may not be removed dur­ing com­pe­ti­tion.

  • Cam­eras may not be used as rangefinder and may be used only after all archers in the group have fin­ished shoot­ing the target.

  • SMOK­ING is strictly FOR­BID­DEN on ranges except for on appointed places. (Rest­ing points).

  • There will be refresh­ing sta­tions, with meal and drinks (and smok­ing place) on ranges. Pay only with tickets (no cash!) that are avail­able at com­pe­ti­tion office.

  • Dead­line to hand in score­cards is 08:00pm every day. 

  • We endeavour to update the website on a regular basis when needed. Pre-Registered archers are advised to visit the WBHC 2015 Home page on a regular basis. Registered archers will be notified by email.

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